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Got a new iPhone… same as the old iPhone

October 30, 2010

So after an app update apparently went sideways, my trusty 3GS suddenly starting using up battery at a prodigious rate (about 1% every 2 minutes) and heating like crazy.

As usual the solution is simple — reset to factory settings (including a firmware reset) and then reinstall all of the apps from scratch — as if it’s a new iPhone.

This is a great opportunity to change how I organize my phone, but it’s also a monumental pain. Since I only use apps that sync my data to the cloud, I have a LOT of cloud apps. Evernote, Dropbox, Amazon, etc, etc… everything needs to get re-setup and re-synced.

On the other hand, I was able to easily reset my phone knowing that none of my data would be lost. And given how often I’ve had to reset my phone, that’s a good feeling.


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