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iPhone problems more or less solved: throw it out, get a new one

November 5, 2010

So I finally tracked down my iPhone problem. Remember that this problem survived two factory-setting restores: one with a restore from backup and one in which I reinstalled all apps without using my backup.  And I thought I had the problem traced to a wierd interaction with mail, so that setting mail to anything other than manual sync would cause the problem. Turns out it didn’t have anything to do with email updating — that was a red herring.  Coincidentally I didn’t get any calls while I was testing that feature. 

When my phone makes or receives a call, the “voiced” process won’t terminate and the CPU pegs at 100%.  Thus my battery dies. I found a system monitoring utility that would give me this info.  Armed with a reproducible test case, I called Apple and they’re sending me a new phone. 

I want to emphasize a couple of things: First, this really looks like a hardware problem.  So I haven’t found a new iPhone bug.  Second, the only reason I’m getting a new phone is that I bought AppleCare when I bought the phone.  Because the phone is 18 days out of warranty.  And this problem first popped up about 10 days ago. 

 Issues like this are why smartphones in general really are only appealing to a small segment of the population.


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