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Windows Phone 7 FTW

November 19, 2010

Dear Windows Phone 7 team:

You worked hard on this release.  I know many of you, I worked with some of you, and I see what you’ve done.  The reviews are pretty good.  The marketing machine is fully cranked.  And the ads are humorous and memorable.

But who cares. iOS4 and Android have already eliminated you and are battling for supremacy.

Certainly the 300,000 apps in Apple’s store, or the 100,000 poorly-indexed apps in Google’s store, are pretty impressive compared to the… what? One thousand WP7 apps?  And the one with the best app marketplace wins, right?

Not so fast, oh dark lords of mobile!  I have one insignificant data point to share. 

Teenage girls want Windows Phones.  Specifically, the kids that have experienced the joys (or addiction) of Zune Pass‘s unlimited music want that experience without carrying two devices.  And want it so much that they’re willing to not get an iPhone.

Does it matter?  Maybe, maybe not.  But we know from watching Japan that teenage girls are often personal technology bellweathers.  And when even a few of them start thinking that fabulously uncool Microsoft has a product worth buying, then I pay attention. 

So congatulations to my old friends for building something cool.  And good luck in your upcoming battles.


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