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People get the government… and the security… they deserve

November 21, 2010

I’m sure you’ve seen this video or ones like it.  I shared my thoughts with a few friends via a FB Comment but I wanted to share them more broadly:

The TSA is trying to justify it’s existence through more and more invasive searching rather than focusing on how to make the process smoother and less humiliating. And it’s all window-dressing. That little kid didn’t fit any terrorist profile. But it’s nice and visible and everyone can see the TSA is on the job.

This is how terrorism works: a small number of violent acts by admittedly very bad people get a population to give up liberties and change their behaviors, reducing their quality of life “just a little bit” with each new rule. Eventually there isn’t anything left to give up.

By demanding that the government “do something”, the voters have given the TSA the mandate to become more intrusive and to create a constitution-free zone within the airports in the US.

Think about what air travel was like 10 years ago. Yes, the terrorists really did win. And we all helped.


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