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Okay so the iPad isn’t perfect…

January 1, 2011

This week I’m trying to get along without my laptop when I’m out of the office; instead I am taking my iPad and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

This mostly works. Some of the reasons it doesn’t are my fault — I’m a PC guy so some of the Mac conventions on the iPad and keyboard throw me, for example the lack of a key to delete the current character (the Mac “delete” key deletes the character to the left, like the PC Backspace key).

But other times I just get tripped up by the general orneriness of iOS. For example, I wanted to post a picture that I downloaded from my camera using the Camera Connection Kit. On my iPad I can view the JPEG image embedded in a raw (.NEF) file, but I can’t extract that image to post it. And Facebook doesn’t know what to do with an NEF file. So while there are other ways to do this, they’re all complicated and time-consuming.

I was also cursing at Mobile Safari until I discovered Atomic Web Browser, which is faster than Safari and seems to have less trouble with odd sites.

But with Office^2 HD and Dropbox on my iPad, connected via the Keyboard and using the Pogo Sketch stylus rather than my finger, the iPad starts to feel like a real productivity tool. Certainly it feels very good to be typing this blog on it.

So I’m going to keep trying, and I’m going to keep talking about it. And we’ll see how it goes.


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