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Sometimes technology is just too good

January 19, 2011

This morning while syncing my iPhone I decided to import the pictures as well.  Since I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to manage our family photos, after importing I used the facial recognition feature to tag pictures with family names.  Usually this just finds the photos I haven’t yet tagged.  This time it showed a skewed and old picture of my son and daughter.  When I hovered over the thumbnail to see the whole picture it showed a completely different picture, of my daughter and I six years ago (in the image below, the two top photos are the thumbnails of recognized faces, while the bottom photo is the actual photo that was shown when I hovered):

When software tries too hard

But if you look really closely you’ll see that behind my head there’s a framed photo of the kids when they were much younger.  And since the main faces were already tagged, WLPG was going through the photos trying to find other faces… and found them in a photograph.

So yes, those are faces.  But I won’t bother tagging them.

Sometimes software tries just a bit too hard.


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