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On living a transient life

August 24, 2011

I just spent a week visiting with my uncle in Winnipeg, MB.  He has lived in essentially the same city for roughly 70 years.  From his current home we were able to walk to all of the other houses he lived in, as well as all of the homes his parents lived in after he left home.  He’s very well-travelled and has had an extremely rich life, including some amazing careers, and all from the same place.  This has allowed him to achieve a very deep and rich connection to the city that he calls home.

I’ve lived in 2 countries and 7 cities since leaving home at 18. I’ve loved the breadth of experiences. I’ve met some amazing people (a few of whom I’ve kept in touch with).  But the last week makes me question how much we give up by wandering rather than staying in one place.  Every time we move we spend a ton of time and energy getting to know the new area and new neighbors.  We create new friends and new networks. We learn where to shop for groceries and how to get rid of garbage.

I can’t go back, and I don’t have a way to test the hypothesis, and it is probably very different for every individual.  But it is worth thinking about as we consider our next move.


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  1. Hey Jeff, interesting point.

    Funnily enough, I believe you spent the majoity of your growing up years in one city house (at least, I believe all your schooling). While we lived in 3 cities. I think both moving and staying still has merits (whether as kid or adult). I found moving as a kid helped me gain skills about finding my place, making friends. It was not always easy but it taught me about finding friends with whom you are comfortable.

    I have lived in 2 cities in the past 30 years as an adult and like the friendships I have made.

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