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Maybe I’m wrong about Modern… maybe it’s just developers don’t know how to use it?

October 16, 2012

After writing my post about Windows 8 I was playing with the Windows 8 (Modern) Evernote app. As a huge Evernote user on the desktop, iPad, iPhone, and web, I wanted to see what the Modern version looked like. I’ll admit I was excited to see this.

It’s very pretty.  But it doesn’t appear to support Saved Searches (which my whole workflow is based on, and which are supported AND SYNCED in all other versions of Evernote. I can’t see a way to enter the Author or Source URL when creating a note, although those fields show up in existing notes. Syncing takes forever and only happens while the app is in the foreground… which means you have to either not do anything else, or split your screen and leave Evernote running on the sidebar until it finishes syncing.

And it got me thinking if maybe all of my issues with Modern are just because no one (including Microsoft) know how to write a good Modern app.  Now I have to go find some devs who have worked in this to figure out if that’s true.


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  1. I can tell you there is a huge learning curve on this platform. I am sure Evernote folks will not stop at V1. The nice thing about Windows Store Apps is they will let you know when an update is available.

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