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I really REALLY want to like Windows 8 Apps… because I can’t get a Surface ‘til I do

October 18, 2012

I thought about buying a Microsoft Surface RT today.  In fact, I had my credit card out. I was ready to press PURCHASE. I wanted to be on the bleeding edge, getting my Surface RT 64 GB on launch day. 

But I couldn’t do it.  You see, I’m using Windows 8 now.  And I see the limitations in the “modern” (can we just keep saying Metro?) apps that are currently available. And the bottom line is, so much functionality has been stripped out that I won’t be able to work.

Just a few examples:

  1. The Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t support plug-ins. So I can’t use LastPass to manage my passwords.  And I can’t even highlight a piece of text and search for it.
  2. The Metro version of Evernote doesn’t support saved searches.  So to see what’s remaining to do on a project I have to type something like this into the search bar: “tag:\project1 todo:false” rather than a single mouse click.  And while I could get past that (I’m a fast typist), it also doesn’t seem to support checkboxes at all.  Which would leave me going to the web client to manage Evernote rather than using the Evernote client itself.
  3. The libraries seem to continually rebuild, so every time I open the Photos app it re-reads all 15,000 photos on our server.

I know that this is going to get better (I mean, it HAS to, right?) and I’m really looking forward to usable apps showing me that I can trust my fate to Modern.  And then plunk my hard-earned money down for a Surface.  Maybe next week?


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  1. Jeff, I personally am waiting for the Seattle Times app. When that arrives I’ll sell my iPad and jump into the fray. I hear you about the Metro compromises though.

  2. Wimp. Suck it up, swipe the card, learn to love it on-the-fly.

  3. But you can use it as a skateboard until the apps improve.

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