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Sometimes a memory just pops into your head…

February 4, 2013

IMG_0066When I was 6 years old (I think) I had my tonsils out. This was back in a time when you stayed in the hospital for 2 days for a tonsillectomy. At least I think that’s what happened… I don’t remember the whole thing. But two snippets of memories stand out. One is reading One Fish Two Fish by Dr. Seuss. I loved borrowing Dr. Seuss books from the library. However on this day my parents bought me my very own copy of One Fish Two Fish. I read that book over and over again while I was in the hospital. And even today, reading that book gives me a feeling of comfort that I can’t really explain. The second memory is of my mother sitting on the bed beside me, asking me how to create a “Flintstones village”. I loved the Flintstones and could tell you all about Fred and Wilma and Pebbles and Dino and Barney and Betty and Bam-Bam and… well you get the idea. So Mom said she was putting together an idea for a fundraiser, and wondered how to build a Flintstones village. And off we went, drawing pictures of cars and houses, thinking about how to move the big rocks that you’d need to create such a place, and what kind of animals would be needed, and what the costumes would look like. In my mind it felt like we talked for hours although it was probably more like 15 minutes. And although it was completely fanciful, it kept me occupied and my mind off of the fact that I was in a hospital. I doubt that, 40+ years ago, my mother knew that she’d be creating a lasting memory when she sat on the bed and listened to me ramble on about the Flintstones. It was just part of being a mom. Remembering that gives me some insight into what my kids might remember, and how those little memories create the adults that they will become.


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