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Too many choices and too much churn

February 7, 2015

I seem to get an invite for a new sharing / social networking / blogging site every week (maybe every day). Right now I’m looking at Medium and Ello and Storehouse. And while they all have cool aspects, they all pretty much do exactly the same thing. I can write about something, and add some media, and then publish it. Boom. Same thing that Facebook does. Same thing that WordPress does.

I don’t want or need a new social network; I already maintain four. Although I am typing this in WordPress, that’s really just a convenient place to store longer posts that I republish elsewhere. WordPress gives me a modicum of layout options (not as nice as Storehouse) and it has a fairly clean UI (not as minimalist as ello). But the big advantage is that it can auto-post to the networks that I maintain: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And it’s already set up so I know how to use it.

So really what I want is a variety of content creation tools, all of which can post to all the networks that I maintain. Since tools aren’t sticky (and thus aren’t as attractive if you’re an app maker hoping to be acquired), I guess what I really want are tools that I can buy and use when I feel like it.

So you’ll probably see posts from me from WordPress. And Storehouse. And you’ll be reading them on LinkedIn or Facebook, because that’s where we connect.


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